Mike Stark to present his ‘Brilliant Greenland Adventure”

Visiting the Sea Vista Pet Clinic run by Stephanie Ernsten every Thursday on the Sea Vista playing field certainly opens one’s eyes to the need for the more dogs in the township to be sterilized. Well in excess of 40 new born puppies have been treated at the clinic since it reopened just three weeks ago and no doubt a lot more will be treated in the coming weeks.  Treating and inoculating these puppies is essential to prevent the spread of canine diseases but the real remedy is to have every puppy sterilized before they reach maturity and start the cycle over and over again.

Although there is a certain resistance by many of the township folk to have their dogs sterilized, Stephanie quietly goes about her work by gently persuading dog owners that it is the right thing to do. But sterilisations require funding as vets cannot be expected to donate their time, skills, facilities and treatments for free and thus the need to raise funds and to this end, Susan Rae-Fox created the “Open your Eyes – Sterilize” initiative.

The Open your Eyes –Sterilize has held many a fine event, always well supported, but usually with an all-woman audience. But things are about to change for the next event and men are encouraged to join in for what promises to be an interesting talk by Mike Stark on his ‘brilliant adventure’  in Greenland, illustrated with a sequence of amazing photographs. Those who have already listened to Mike’s talk enjoyed listening to his exploits immensely so it really is an event you won’t want to miss.

The event is to be held at Dune Ridge Country House on Thursday 17th March at 11.00 am so bring your partners and friends. Sarah Swanepoel of Dune Ride always puts on a lovely spread for these occasions and will be serving, as always, a super spread of sweet and savoury treats with tea and coffee after the talk by Mike.

Tickets are R150.00 each so why not complete the form below  indicating how many tickets you would like and Sue will arrange for the tickets  to be left with Jennie or Debbi at Kouga print for you to collect.

All the money raised from our SPCA Indaba is used to support our ‘Open Your Eyes and Sterilize’ campaign to sterilize as many township dogs as possible and help prevent the birth of unwanted puppies and kittens and the cruelty that stems from this..

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