With excitement starting to grow around the upcoming Rugby World Cup, a legend in the rugby community, Nick Mallet visited Gqeberha and St Francis Bay last week.

The event, dubbed “Offshore with Nick Mallet”, was hosted by PW Harvey & Co and Old Mutual. With Bok fans already weighing up the chances of South Africa defending their title against 20 other nations, Nick provided his views on the most anticipated event in the rugby calendar.

Gavin Harvey, director of PW Harvey & Co, led the conversation by providing a broader picture of the local environment in South Africa each year we won the World Cup. South Africa first won the World Cup in 1995, when you could buy 1 Dollar for R3.67 and a Big Mac for R7. Flash forward to 2019, where 1 Dollar would have cost you R14.83 compared to the R18.67 it would cost you today. This shows how much the Rand has depreciated since the first time we won a World Cup. For this reason, PW Harvey continues to urge their clients and prospective clients to send money offshore to take advantage of the weakening Rand and the larger market outside of South Africa.

With Nick being an international figure in Rugby, having coached Italy and travelling the world with the Boks and Supersport, he provided a unique offshore perspective. He stated that rugby will always be something that brings South Africans together. The ex-Springbok coach touched on some of his past decisions while in charge and the lasting effect that some players have had on his life. The importance of the impact that referees can have on the game was stressed, and there was a lot of emphasis on just how tough South Africa’s journey will be if we were to defend our title. Mallet believes we have a powerful side with the backing of an exceptional coaching staff and that if we stick to our game plan, the Boks are in with a shot at having the most trophies in our cabinet.

Just as it is difficult to predict the winner of the World Cup, it is equally as challenging to make any predictions on the future outlook of our local economy. The average man in the street struggles with high interest rates and rising living costs. So before the Bokke lifts this World Cup, let the PW Harvey & Co team help you take control of your financial future.