NSRI STATION 21 - St Francis BayAlso over the weekend – NSRI called to overturned boat in Kromme river mouth

Sarah Jane Smith, NSRI St Francis Bay station commander reported that at 11h00, Saturday, 28th July, NSRI St Francis Bay duty crew were activated following reports of a boat capsized in the Kromme River Mouth.

The sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis II and Rescue 21 Alpha were launched with NSRI paramedics and rescue swimmers on board and the sea rescue vehicle with NSRI rescue swimmers responded to the scene.

On arrival on the scene we found a Canal Boat with 3 local adult males on board capsized in the surf line in the river mouth and all 3 men were in the surf line attempting to swim to shore in the surf.

NSRI rescue swimmers were deployed into the water and at that stage the 3 casualties had reached chest deep water and our rescue swimmers assisted the 3 men to wade out of the surf safely onto the beach.

A Private Care ambulance services had been called and all 3 men were checked by our NSRI paramedics and found to not be injured. NSRI recovered the boat and no further assistance was required.