Locals and NSRI in dolphin rescue off Cape St Francis

NSRI St Francis Bay had a busy weekend starting with a call late Friday evening to assist Chokka boat Viagro with a crewman who was suffering dehydration. The 33-year old was taken off the fishing boat by NSRI St Francis onto sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis II and brought to shore where a private care ambulance transported him to hospital.

On Sunday a NSRI crewman was alerted to a stranded Bottlenose Dolphin beached on the rocks off at Cape St Francis Lighthouse. The NSRI crewman immediately contacted Dr Greg Hofmeyer  from Bayworld who in turn contacted Sarah Jane Smith station commander at NSRI ST Francis for assistance.  Sarah immediately mobilised and a crew proceeded to scene to find the dolphin high and dry on the rocks some 25 metres from the sea on an outgoing tide.

Along with SANNCOB staff they wrapped and bathed the dolphin in wet towels and buckets of water. With guidance from Dr Hofmeyer they were able get the dolphin onto a Stokes Basket Stretcher and move it to the harbour where it was loaded onto the waiting ski boat, Sea Wolf where skipper Brandon Kennedy and Marc White took over the rescue. Approximately a kilometre offshore in a large 4-metre swell the dolphin was placed back into the sea.  According to Sara Jane the dolphin swam away quite confidently.

Accolades to all involved, Sarah and her NSRI crew, Dr Hofmeyer, the gentleman (name unknown) who initially alerted the NSRA crew member, Penny a SANNCOB volunteer and both Brendon Kennedy and Marc White for a job well done.


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