Flash Float is in! photo © Sandy Coffey

After some careful research on many culture and tech websites, a crew of like-minded locals made a (fun) list of what they think is going to be cool, and what’s on the way out this year. If all of this comes true, 2023 is going to be a great time to be alive!


What’s Hot: The following are going to be in, supercool, and rising during 2023.


Ice cream for breakfast (add fruit if you need some health)

Crocs n socks

Crocs, the hideous gift that just keeps on giving

The Flash Float (super cool)

Groynes (saving St Francis)


SALT – place to be

Anger management (c’mon, no pushing please)


Beach Blonde lager – kept us alive through the summer hols.

Everyone loves a Beach Blonde – on the way up!


Billys Beach (ballies evening)

Soft top surfboards (stop being so dogmatic, surfers, embrace the future)

The most exciting surf equipment for 2023, ladies and gentlemen, this is the future of surfing


Bistro Vin De Boeuf


ONE 33 Rum, as well as the Rosemary and Black Olive Gin

Jojo Tanks

Solar power

Dawn Patrols (Golf and surfing)

Community spirit (sharing when times are good, maintaining strong street security)

Aha (take on me)


Cats – lovable


What’s Not -The following are uncool, super yucky and on the way out in 2023.

Holiday cyclists (seriously people, WTF was all that about?)

Holiday jetski cowboys (slow clap..)

Facebook (it sucks, a lot)

Facebook: Out, damn spot!


Local online bullies (You know who you are)

Sleeping late

Banana on pizza )it’s making a comeback)



Selfies: average

Brandy and coke  (aka Vitamin B & C) Tasty, but eventually leads to the taste of blood in your mouth


Black Label

Mmmm, even though it’s losing in the popularity stakes, it still looks good.

Loud noises

Eskom (thieves)

Carbohydrates (apparently, in the olden days, they used to eat toast!)

Drum circles

Self-righteous indignation (how dare you write this! etc)


Vaping: no good.

Tik, crack and Tik Tok – all highly addictive

Jelly skateboard sweets (they are actually a thing)

Macon on pizza (It looks like bacon, and it tastes like bacon, but it’s not bacon.)

Schooling ( Education is important, but surfing is importanter)