We in St Francis love to talk about the weather. We compare notes, and we disagree about the strength of the wind forecast, how big the surf will be, and whether it will get around the corner and into Bruces.
The weather, though, is what we chat about and discuss over coffee. And it’s not a bad thing. Just because we’re not talking about interest rates, load shedding, hedge funds, and investment portfolios doesn’t mean we’re not winning. Although maybe people are talking about those things, just not in my circles and not at the coffee shops where I hang out, which is mainly in my kitchen at home, which would explain a lot, I digress.
The weather forecast for this week has been looking poor for a while. Strong winds, rain, and generally pretty kak. There is a cold front hitting us today, and then there is another one coming, and then another one behind that.
The resultant surf forecast is huge. Big enough for Surfing South Africa to cancel a junior surfing tournament that was supposed to take place at Victoria Bay this upcoming weekend. The Reef Junior Pro has been postponed until October for those local surfers heading down the coast.

On the local front, the Tuna Bonanza has also been postponed due to poor weather. Please see all the details below.




Talking about the coast, however, this weekend on land looks like it will be clear and crisp but sunny, perfect for the Kromme EnviroTrust Clean Up day on Saturday, 17 June.

It will take place at the Seal Point Lighthouse from 9 to 12, with prizes. The big swell on southwesterly winds during the week will knock a few bits and bobs of plastic over the rocks, so it’ll be a pretty busy day down there. Coffee, a bite to eat, or a beer at Nevermind will be a great way to finish the day. See you there.



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