Dear readers

In this time of load shedding and power outages, there will be some interruptions of St Francis Today deliveries during July. 

The reason is there is some overseas travel on the calendar.

St Francis Today will continue, but there might be delays, and late or early newsletters, depending on when we can get online and the weather there. 

So apologies in advance. 

Should you wish to get hold of St Francis Today during this time, the usual contacts will work. Alternatively, try 

The next three weeks will be busy in and around St Francis Bay and the JBay area, with the JBay Surf Festival coming to town. Usually, we enjoy a few visits from the top professional surfers in St Francis Bay, and on odd occasions, there are visits from the likes of Kelly Slater and others. 

There are also plenty of visitors around to enjoy the surfing and ride a few waves at Cape St Francis and sometimes at Bruce’s, depending on the swell directions.

There is also usually plenty of activity at The Links and at our music venues like the St Francis Brewery, so stay tuned to see who is performing and what jols are on.

Also, don’t forget the Friday Burger Specials at the Full Stop. Chef JP has been making gastronomic delights not to be missed during these cold times. A hot burger washed down with a cold beer might warm the cockles of the heart. 

Should you get no response from me during that period, it could be that I am on a boat or travelling across Indonesia, where the Internet can get very patchy. Please feel free to copy Amy Eksteen into the conversation on; she will help keep the dream alive.

This week will continue as normal, so please feel free to reach out this week for any queries or needs.

The editor