You might have noticed that not many newsletters were published over the last week or so. St Francis Today is undergoing a few changes; these notes will explain all, in just over 300 words, because we believe in brevity.

At this stage, St. Francis Today (SFT) will be publishing twice a week. Most likely Tuesday and Thursday. We decided to make the changes due to much feedback from the local community, thank you, as well as from advertisers, friends and family.

The feedback has three-fold relevance.

Firstly, there is definitely a vibe of ‘too much information’, with local and national news outlets pushing and distributing news endlessly, and it all needs a slowdown.

Secondly, there is another vibe of ‘local is lekker’, and the point of difference between our newsletter and other news outlets is that SFT has consistent and interesting local news. Subscribers want the content to be more local, and we have found that local news can get spread thin over five days. Twice a week means that there will be better local content.

Thirdly, there should be fewer adverts. This point has been well noted, and we will be looking at this and adjusting accordingly. 

On a final note, SFT would like to thank all those people out there who consistently send us stories, articles, news links and photos to let us know about local happenings, about locals doing well in events, about current and environmental news and all the beautiful images that come along. When there is no space, and we don’t get to run it, these people – who know who they are – never complain and simply give me a thumbs up whenever we get to publish their material. Your contributions and input are always highly appreciated. Please continue to send.

See you on Thursday. 

The Editor