Water, And Lack Thereof

We have had some rains, and we have had a continuous barrage of information, warnings and advice pushed onto us by all sorts of arms of media and communications. Everyone is trying their best to stave off what seems to be inevitable, but what else can be done?

In this day and age it is clear that if we want something done, the best way is to do it ourselves. When we do run out of water, and it does seem like a ‘when’ and not an ‘if’ situation, we are going to have to look after ourselves. As spring has sprung (and the grass has riz) our chances of getting good rainfall, before the long and hot summer months, are starting to look a bit slimmer.

We all know about JoJo tanks, boreholes and well-points, much to the fact that there is no need to talk much more about them. There are, however, a few other options.

Option 1

Kouga Kares

Mike Williams from Kouga Kares will come to your house and fit every tap and shower with a water-saving device that reduces your consumption by approximately 65%. Mike will come and do a test and give you a no-obligation demonstration of how easily you could reduce your household water consumption by up to 65% for about R200 per bathroom.*

The whole process is quick, and your home should be fitted in an hour or two. He fitted our house, and the difference in our water usage has been quite remarkable.

Call Mike on 082 804 2996 or email him at mike@kougakares.com for a quote.

Option 2

Water Watch

There is also WaterWatch Monitoring Systems, a water monitoring and leak detection unit that can be installed on your current meter. In addition, your domestic water usage is tracked via your phone with the WaterWatch app delivering data and supplies statements.

We haven’t used this system, but the website explanation does seem very good, and it is another case where you can make your installation costs back quite quickly.

Their complete monitoring system can be viewed on www.waterwatch.co.za


Note*: Dear reader. We are not endorsing products, so please do your homework beforehand and make sure you understand all the costs involved and how the systems work. This post is merely for your information.