We’re in the thick of all the visitors to our village and it’s all pretty cool. The shops are already busy, and although we know there have been quite a few gripes, moans, and complaints on social media, we won’t dwell on that. There are quicker ways to get things done than to pompously moan on Facebook.

Instead, we take this as a time to focus on local knowledge and how to put it to good use for your own (local) benefit. Here are a few ways to stay ahead of the crowd game. Remember that local knowledge is yours.


If you’re going to the beach, find a secret parking spot no one knows about. It might be 100 meters from where you really want to be, it might be 200 meters, but if you find a spot, it’s yours for the summer. A friend may have a house nearby, or maybe you know someone renting who doesn’t mind if you park on their verge.


Dial yourself in with the weather. Specific beaches change drastically when the tide is really low, and other little nooks, crannies and pools love a high tide. That knowledge will help you utilise your time at the beach.

Food vendors:

Get to know a food vendor. If you are spending some time at the same beach, discuss making a payment upfront so that your transaction time at the food truck is minimised, and it just becomes a tick list. Not all vendors will do this, but some will.

Shopping: Local Knowledge Is Yours

Figure out the best shopping times. Many people think that the 8am run is the best time for the SPAR, but if too many people think so, then it becomes a popular time like it has become. Monitor the crowds when you go in and start working it out. Ask a teller, and if you see a manager who isn’t running off his or her feet, then ask that person. They can tell you the trends.


Stock up on your booze. There is plenty of alcohol available, but it is one of those items that you can buy well in advance, minimising your shopping expeditions. So go in, go massive, and then sit back and sip on your bubble/G&T/B&C while the rest of the rabble queue.

Beach time:

Hit the beach as early as possible. Many people are jolling, and they are going quite hard. In the morning, they are sleeping, and the beaches are quiet. Best time for a surf or a quick goof.


Book early. If you want to go out for dinner, book days in advance. It will be that busy, and that way, you will avoid disappointment. Don’t be dismayed if there is no availability, even if you are a local. The restaurants take bookings every day, which is definitely a case of first come, first served, or first in best dressed. Whichever way you see going out for dinner. Don’t forget to check out the St Francis Tourism website for more.

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