Yesterday’s editorial (see here) raised quite a lot of attention. In fact, it was the most-read article ever since I broke the news that All Alternative Energy Installations To Be Registered with the Municipality back in February. That article went down like a lead balloon, didn’t it? Either way, not many people want fast-food franchises in the village. Most of the comments were that these sorts of businesses would detract from the village vibe in St Francis and would be the start of the franchise onslaught. 

The other replies varied from ‘bad food’ to ‘support local’ to ‘processed food’ and more. In fact, there wasn’t a single positive comment here and on social media. 

As mentioned yesterday, the stories circulating that a few fast-food chains will be coming up are just rumours. Even the people who work at the petrol station don’t know for sure, I asked them yesterday, but we will all find out soon. 

So, it would appear the most significant concerns loom over the potential impact on the village’s identity and local businesses. However, amidst the apprehension, it feels that the spirit of St. Francis remains resilient. The community has a deep-rooted sense of unity and shared values and cherish their village’s unique character. 

Will the village of St Francis survive a few new fast-food takeaway restaurants? I’m sure we will. 

In the meantime, support local as best you can. We have so many excellent restaurants doing such good things, with all sorts of winter specials happening, live music, sports evenings, burger specials, relaunches, Mexican evenings, happy hours and more. 

Another idea to keep it local is to introduce loyalty cards. Whether it is a discount card, some sort of rewards card, or a stamped card that eventually entitles the cardholder to a special meal, a beer, a sparkler, or some other treat. 

A very famous yet very simple quote applies here, saying, ‘Love begets love, and loyalty begets loyalty.”