For all the talk of the weather, of El Nino and of droughts, our patterns have well and truly shifted gear, and we are in rainfall time, cold and windy days, and in the heart of winter.

Some of us love it, others don’t enjoy the cold, but we need to grind it out until the first day of spring. Then when we hit summer, we can tell each other how much we don’t enjoy the sun, the sunburn, the easterly winds, and the blue bottles. It’s the circle of life, like sand through the hourglass etc.

There are still a lot of sports events and local activities that go in during the winter, and surfing and golf are just two of them. Winter brings those long, drawn-out south-westerly swells that form perfect waves at Seals and JBay, and miss Bruces entirely. There is also the Corona JBay open in July and surf events in Port Alfred and Cape St Francis later in the year. When it comes to golf, we can look forward to The 100th Anniversary PGA Championship coming in September.

If you have any upcoming sporting or cultural events, please send us all details and any artwork you might have. St Francis Today would be happy to publish it, space permitting. We do want people to know about your events and happenings.
Should you have a post-event report that you would like to have published, same again, please send it. We need at least 300 words and a single photo to make an article publishable. If you have more, even better.

If you don’t send anything, there’s a chance that your event might be missed, and that would be unfortunate.
For now, dress warmly. We have a long stretch of cold weather, rain, and winds randomly veering from northwest to southeast. At least we are getting rainfall in the catchment areas, and load shedding has lessened, touch wood.

Speaking of wood, We need another bakkie load for the fireplace…