News Snippets of St Francis news, events and information

Very often we have small news snippets of interesting information or important news or events that we really need to be telling you about. Because these news snippets are too short  for a full article we tend to omit then it in favour of longer news articles. Short news snippets from around and about St Francis will feature on this page.

Dr Kaz visiting Dune Ridge

Dr Kaz, (MBChb MF Hom) from Durban, is visiting Dune Ridge Country House

Dr Kaz

Dr Kaz, (MBChb MF Hom) from Durban, is visiting Dune Ridge Country House on May 11th at 5.30 pm to talk to Moms, young and old, about the subject of: ‘Healthy Mother – Healthy Children’.

‘Dr Kaz, a qualified GP, combines traditional medicine with alternative health practices to bring physical, emotional and spiritual levels into balance and create all round good health.

Her talk about healthy mothers raising happy, healthy, well adjusted children, promises to be fascinating.

Canapes and Champagne will be served. Tickets cost R150 from Kouga Print.

All funds go towards sterilizing the dogs and cats of Sea Vista.

Dun Ridge Country House

St Francis Animal Rescue


Prime Timers George Outing

Prime Timers Away Trip To George

21 members of Prime Timers Social Club  have returned from their 3 day trip to George. With perfect weather the happy members enjoyed the wonderful stay at George Lodge International, a first class hotel with first class service. The food and wine was great the company excellent.

Members shared cars and petrol  and started their annual trip by arriving first having at Redberry Farm, the table was laid ready with scones, strawberries and cream. From there the happy throng checked into their hotel, and regrouped for drinks and dinner in the evening. After breakfast the next day they arrived at Outeniqua Transport Museum, enjoyed  the classic cars and steam trains etc and finished with a 2 hour train ride and commentary  through the mountains and tunnels of the Outeniqua Mountain Range. The following day members were guests at a wonderful wine estate where they were taken on a cellar tour, before they sat down to wine tasting and a super lunch. Their last port of call was Wild Oats market at Sedgefield en route home.

If you would like details of Prime Timers Social Club, if you enjoy regular affordable outings with new and old friends Give Paulene Hardy a call on 042 2940301…… 084 7897801.  The club has become a great success with members not just locally but from Jo’burg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

Prime Timers Away Trip To George

Quiz Night

Trivia Quiz night at St Francis Bay Golf Club

Don’t miss the next Trivia Quiz Night being held at St Francis Bay Golf Club on Tuesday 2nd May. Make up a table of four (R100 a table or R25 per person). Come at 6:30 enjoy a supper of pie chips and gravy for just R35 and be ready to have a fun night answering intersting trivia starting at 7:00pm sharp.

A fun evening with fun prizes

Trivia Quiz Night

NMMU String Quartet to perform Haydn’s 7 Crosswords

NMMU String Quartet to perform Haydn’s 7 Crosswords on Easter Sunday

A string quartet from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University will be performing Haydn’s 7 Crossword especially composed for Good Friday at 12 noon on Good Friday (April 14th).

It is a privilege to have this string quartet made up of lecturers at NMMU play in St Francis so come and enjoy an hour of moving and magical music.

Venue: St Francis United Church House, Cnr St Francis Drive & Walton Road on Good Fridayy at 12 noon. There is no charge for attendance!

NMMU string quartet to perform in St Francis



Power outages explained

Sunday night power outage explained

It would seem we erred that only Cape St Francis was affected by the power outage on Sunday Evening for parts of St Francis Bay was also dark. It would also seem there was little fellow switching the power off but rater the overhead power cable behif Custom Construction were arcing. The reasons seem uncertain but rather “just one of those things”.

There was also a rather humourous explanation for the ‘other’ quite regular power outages that do put yje lights out in Cape St Francis, always on a Sunday. evening – Guinea Fowl!

It seems their must be a weekly meeting of guinea fowl on a Sunday around power lines behind Rock Lily. Somehow these birds cause the power lines to short out hence the outages. Rumour has it that Mike Kimmings, Rock Lily owner, will be serving a new signature dish “roast Tarentaal” – on Sunday Evening’s in the near future.

Guinea FowlGuineafowl (/ˈɡɪnifl/; sometimes called “pet speckled hen”, or “original fowl” or guineahen) are birds of the family Numididae in the order Galliformes. They are endemic to the continent of Africa and rank among the oldest of the gallinaceous birds.


Power outage in CSF

Power outage in Cape St Francis

It really would be interesting to get to the bottom of why Cape St Francis so often suddenly goes dark on a Sunday evenings. A couple of weeks back it was the whole of St Francis when wind blew something onto the power lines but there have been several occurrences that have gone unexplained. It always is just before 7:00pm just as Carte Blanche is about to be aired. Surely this cannot just be a coincidence.

One almost has visions of some disenchanted electrician sitting at the municipal switchboard taking great glee in switching the ‘Cape St Francis Switch’ to off. Only kidding but it would be nice to why it happens so regularly.

Do yourself a favour

A really evil flu virus is doing its rounds

Apologies readers but some advice if we may – It’s that time of the year again when nasty bugs infest our bodies taking major toll on health, particularly the elderly.

This is a rather hastily put together newsletter today, a direct result of ignoring good advice to have a flu shot a couple of weeks back. We have all suffered flu from time to time but I must say this virus is flu on steroids. Having spent three days flat on my back with no sign of it letting up today it was indeed sage advice which I now regret not following.. Possibly my immune system was a little lowered by a short stay in hospital but if you haven’t yet, do yourselves a favour and visit your doctor or the pharmacy for a flu shot today.

Hopefully we will be up and running tomorrow so we can bring you some news on the amazing feats of the Liquid Lines swimmers.

Sending the news out a little earlier so I can crawl back into bed.

Bowls Pairs

Men’s and ladies Bowls Pairs

Men’s pairs and ladies pairs played this last weekend, Saturday and Sunday 11 and 12 March 2017 at St Francis bay Bowling Club.


Men’s pairs: Willie Louw, Toby Haring, ladies pairs: Jo Townend and Jo Allison.

Sea Vista cricketers

Sea Vista cricketers excel

Sea Vista cricketers

Grade 5 boys, (l to r) Ruwaan Booysen and Mauzane Coenraad represent Sea Vista Primary School in the Kouga Cricket Performance Centre’s (KCPC) under 11 team for 2017

Both boys have been showing great promise and have played in Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp and against some schools in Port Elizabeth already. Headmaster Charles Coenraad said, “We are very proud of these two boys and what they are achieving because our school only began playing cricket last year! Thanks to the guidance and encouragement from KCPC our learners are now really keen to participate in this sport.”

Article and photo – Lynette Aitken

Sea Vista Tennis Stars

Sea Vista Tennis Stars on the rise

Sea Vista Primary School’s tennis season has got off to a great start with some great achievements already under their belts!

Coach of the Grade  6 and 7 boys, Bradley Stefaans said, “We’ve managed to beat top private schools in the Kouga Schools League like St Francis College and Victory Christian School so far and are looking forward to coming up against Jeffreys Bay Primary who were last year’s top performers.  Our top player is head boy Lisikhanyo Skosana who is unbeaten so far. We must say a very big thank you to St Francis Bay Tennis Club for making their courts available to us for matches and practice sessions. It really is helping to make our school proud.”

Sea Vista Primary School tennis

The team are (l to r back ) Coach Bradely Stefaans, Sibelo Ngomo, Adriaan Munnick, Lisikhanyo Skosana and Etone Felix, and kneeling (l to r) Vuyelthu Mandeka, Henley Felix and Gregan Smith.

Article and Photo – Lynette Aitken