Over the last few weeks, you would have noticed slightly less output from St Francis Today. This is why it has happened.

What we did was we took a cross-section of our readers and spoke to them about the regular SFT serving, what they thought was needed, and what could be improved.

Too Much News

Albeit a small sub-section of our readers, there was an underlying thread that there was too much news being distributed that was available elsewhere. Most people have some online news service anyway.

So we recognised that more local news was what was most important and more focus on local people and less on Zumas’ endless disgraceful displays, less international news and less on global TikTok trends, etc. Some of our fresh local news articles include Opening of the Shipwreck Display, Declaration of Kouga Local Municipality as a Local State of Disaster, The Cape St Francis Resort – going the extra, adventurous mile. Also St Francis Links Gold News: Santa Says, The Power of Compounding, R200 million to repair the roads within Kouga has been approved and Death In The Morning, Seal Attack In the Afternoon.


So, St Francis Today is only coming out twice a week now (this might change again in the future), and the local articles are more frequent and in-depth. The idea is that readers can access the articles over a more extended period. Hopefully you, the readers, will refer back to them, if they are interesting enough, over a day or two.

So far, it is working, with fewer reads overall, as the output has been cut down, but with way more readers than ever on a single article. The articles are being read for longer, with people spending more time on the site than ever before. More of the other pages (puzzle page, etc) being accessed than before.

Further Input Please

We would love some further input. Feel free to hit SFT up at news@stfrancistoday.com to let us know what you think and how we can further improve the site. We are looking for helpful advice, so it won’t be beneficial to be uncouth or vulgar. If you want to do that, then you would instead hit that place called Facebook and the bravery of being out of range.

For those who have given your feedback already, thank you very much.

The Editor