KOUGA – In a bid to bolster the quality and durability of local roads, a significant portion of funds totaling R10 million has been allocated to the critical task of resealing roads across the Kouga region.

Several critical roads were identified through thorough road evaluations, coupled with assessments conducted by the municipality pothole repair team, which indicated that the roads’ deteriorating condition had rendered patching ineffective.

Work commenced earlier this month on the resealing of the first road, Johnnie Ferreira Road in Patensie.

Mayor Bornman emphasised the proactive nature of the decision to reseal roads during the current financial year, highlighting its importance in reinforcing infrastructure management and the municipality’s dedication to enhancing road network quality, safety, and sustainability.

He further underscored this commitment with the recent appointment of André Koopman as the municipality’s Roads and Stormwater Manager, marking a significant step forward in optimising road infrastructure management.

Additionally, Council recently passed a resolution to secure external funding amounting to R200 million, aimed at the urgent rehabilitation of 150km of roads within the next 15 months across the region.

“We are presently negotiating with several financial institutions to secure these funds to appoint the most capable contractors to do the job effectively,” said Bornman.

“Residents can rest assured that efforts to improve our road infrastructure remain steadfast and resolute. Through continued investments and strategic planning, the municipality endeavours to foster a future where roads serve as reliable conduits of growth and communal well-being for all.”