We’re getting close to the deadline 

The Kromme Enviro-Trust is urging all residents who have not yet done so to object to the sand mining application in the Oyster Bay Dune Fields. Please spend 5 minutes of your time to send an email or sign our petition. 

The mining application, should it be successful, would result in mining operations being conducted for up to 5 years. Or until the resource has been depleted.

Archaeological Treasure Trove

As the leading project of 2023 for the Kromme Enviro-Trust, the Oysterbay dune field is a national asset. It is an enormous archaeological treasure trove. Early Stone Age people lived, hunted, feasted and were buried in the sand dunes, and their remains are still there. 

As well as the Sand River passing through the dune field, much of it beneath the dune, there are several wetlands within the dune fields. Some of these are considered some of the most important wetlands in the country, both culturally and historically. Aside from this, we also have the presence of numerous flora and fauna across the dune field, some flora being of conservation concern. 

There are two crucial links to view. 

1. Background information concerning the application, where the process is at present and the way forward. Please take a read. This is the shorter of the two documents and provides relevant information. https://stfranciskrommetrust.co.za/docs/Gerber_Sand_MP_BID.pdf

2. The Draft. The Basic Assessment Report (DBAR) is accessible at the link below. Click on the link, then Documents, scroll down to ‘Rupert Gerber Trust Sand MP-Draft Bar and to open the document, enter password: buffels1885

Draft Basic Assessment Report, access is provided on their website: http://www.stellenryck.co.za/

Please note that the comment period for the project has been extended to 21 October 2023. It is advisable to reply by 19 October, which was the original date.

To comment and raise objections, please respond to Email rgtsand@stellenryck.co.za

If it’s easier for you to sign a petition, we have a few in town, so please sign one of them. They are at Kouga Printers, Calibre, The Bakery, The Quays at the Canals, The Brewery or Stationary Butler in St Francis. Then in Cape St Francis at Trade Wind coffee shop and Cathes @ Liquid Lines coffee shop.