Wayne Furphy, Dr Gillian Adendorf, Lyn Aitken, Richard Fulford

Local R20k Donation

A big thank you to the contributors to the Camera 57 project in St Francis Village for a local R20k donation. They recently handed a cheque for just over R20 000.00 to Wayne Furphy (Chairman) and Lyn Aiken (Admin Manager) of the SFPO NPC for the Long Term Coastal Protection project. The contributors were represented by Yamaha SFB’s Richard Fulford and award-winning architect Dr Gillian Adendorf.

Camera 57

A few years ago, residents within this section of the Village were fed up with the spike in crime in the area. Assisted by SFPO Director responsible for the CCTV installation, Dave Truter and local security companies, the group raised money to fund camera 57 to provide round the clock surveillance on the corner of Ralph and Saxe Roads.

Much Appreciated Gesture

The project was oversubscribed, and the group agreed that the excess monies collected should be used for the beach restoration project, which will benefit all residents of St. Francis. This is a much-appreciated gesture!
For more details, go to the St Francis Property Owners Association website here