Here is another entry into our SFT writing contest by a writer who wishes to remain anonymous. Some pretty funny stuff in there – editor.


Local Limericks



There is a young man at the SPAR,

who originally came from De Aar.

He arrived here with hope,

vowed always to cope

and now he’s the winner by far.


Masters Swimming Group

In the morning, they go to the pool,

and jump in despite it being cool.

They all have some fun,

fight over lane one

then wrap up after in wool.


The Links

What a wonderful place is The Links.

Jack’s Bar for some late arvie drinks.

The most amazing food,

naked burgers are so good…

like a long-distance putt when it sinks



It’s an awesome place, the wild side,

a lovely place for a bike ride.

A long-distance run

can be so much fun,

you can even walk there when it’s high tide.


Surfing at Bruces

Head to Bruce’s to catch a quick wave.

A barrel there’s just like a cave.

PE ou’s manners are min!

They always love to drop in.

Especially that big guy called Dave



Nothing rhymes with avocado.

In poetry, it is sheer bravado

I’m trying to think,

now I’m starting to drink.

I’m soon going to need a Panado


Local Haiku’s



walking to the beach,

 a sudden splash. what was that?

walking from the beach



the foghorn blares loud

in the middle of the day

load shedding is done



Morning Medicine

uppers, downers, sideways pills

it balances out



darn. there’s no power

there’s zero power again

gin and tonic time



the ageing process

reading glasses everywhere

and a walking stick



ice cold immersions

doing the Wim Hoff method

I can’t feel my feet


 by anony – mouse