Several things came out of yesterday’s post on the farm animals wandering our town and the R330. That something has to be done is without question for certainly they are a danger to motorist, particularly on the R330 not only adjacent the informal settlement but all the way to the turn-off to the dump site. That they wander the village tearing up gardens too is unacceptable but as tated yesterday, nothing is likely to happen before the Municipal Elections in August for the Kouga Municipality certainly won’t want to upset potential voters. Suggestions from painting the animals with fluorescent paint to confiscating the animals and having them killed were among the suggestions. Another suggestion maybe  is that the council fence off the land on the R330 adjoining the informal settlement but whilst this may reduce on this dangerous stretch of road it would not stop the animals wandering into the town and onto the road at other points. A comment by Willie Uys really says it all “We live in South Africa where we have the best Laws and Constitution but there is no will to apply these”. And herein lies the problem. The council no doubt knows what they have to do but do not have the will to get it done. Willie goes on to suggest that the area from the bridge be declared a “No Tolerance Zone”. We have to, no matter how unacceptable, accept that the farm animals are going to be with us in the foreseeable future. Possibly the Municipality could consider monitoring the section of road where the greatest threat exist and fine the owners or confiscate animals wandering on the road. In addition they should, as suggested, alter the speed limit in the area and monitor this too. Those speeding in this high risk area would probably  raise sufficient funds to pay for the transporting of confiscated animals to the Patensie animal pound considering as to how many drivers totally ignore the speed limit. On the subject of speeding, is the road from the temporary bridge (wonder whatever happen to the new bridge they were going to build last year) to Sea Vista not a 60K zone, the whole way? Willy’s suggestion of “No Tolerance Zone” would of course apply to speedsters! Other comments wrote of the necessity of the intersection of the R330 and the entrance to St Francis College and possibly urgent consideration should be given to ensuring our children are not in danger. Possibly the speed limit should be reduced from the present 120kph to 80 for 300 meters either side of this junction. (Thanks for bringing this hugely important matter up Dagmar). St Francis Today would like to thank all those who made comment and ask you to continue for St Francis is not only about news but also about raising awareness of problems in thee greater St Francis. Should you have any matters you would like St Francis Today to cover in our daily let  us know by e-Mailing us Yesterday’s comments can be read at the bottom of yesterday’s article “Cows, Pigs and Goats Posing a Danger on the R330”.