By Roxanne Litherland and Beth Cooper Howell

Reading and writing is fun! And what better way to learn about the alphabet than to dress as a royal Kicking King or sparkly Water Witch?
Two terms of exploring the 26 letters of the alphabet were celebrated in style by St Francis College Grade 0 and 00 pupils when they spent a day in costume – each choosing their favourite Letterland character and wearing an outfit to match.

The playground was a swirl of colour, giggles and happy faces as Quarrelsome Queens marched about with zippy Zig Zag Zebras, while curious Clever Cats chased Robber Reds.

‘Our annual Letterland dress-up day is all about bringing letters to life – literally!’ said Grade 0 Teacher Eva Skelton.

Letterland at St Francis College

Teachers Eva Skelton, Elizabeth Carpenter and Grade 0

St Francis College

Teachers Michelle Miller, Esther Booysen and Grade 00.