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Wow what a fantastic week of weather we have just had with no wind to speak of and temps in the mid to high twenties. Visitors must clamouring to book their July holidays in St Francis for next year so impressed they must be with our mid-winter weather. Alas it is about to end and today promises to return to normal winter weather with a chilly westerly and a max temp of around 16 degrees C.

We couldn’t have chosen a better week to take a break as far as the weather goes for although I had to spend a couple of days the weather their too, was warm. Unfortunately the intended ‘service’ didn’t go quite as trouble free as it seems certain part of the fuel injection system have to be replaced so we will have to take a little more time off sometime in the future.

Today we introduce a new page “Today in St Francis” where we will hope to update readers with what is happening in St Francis today and during the coming week. So if you have anything you would like to tell us about please send us a mail to news@stfrancistoday.com and we will include your news, event, special or whatever else you would like to share with the community.

So what is on in this the first edition on “Today in St Francis”?

Rose at Gourmet Gourmet has both hot Country Vegetable Soup and Chicken on her take-away menu along with her normal offerings of pies, quiches and other delightful goodies including the best sausage rolls this side of the North Pole.

Jean Pierre at Pommes Frites is running R85 lunch specials and on today’s menu are his absolutely ‘must have’ pork chops served on mash potato and green beans. A steal at R85 as it also includes a dessert.

If in the process of redecorating pop in and have a chat with Debi Dabs in her new décor shop above Nolans Flooring in the Village centre. Debi is running a special on her consultancy fee so if you are looking for professional help with redecorating nows the time to chat with Debi.

Events this week include a evening with a difference at Rock Lily with ‘The Story Teller , James Smith, Live’ accompanied by popular  East Coast Guitar Legend, Rob Thompson on Wednesday 12th July. This show is free so drop in at Rock Lily and enjoy one of their super pizza’s while enjoying an evening with a difference.

Also on the calendar on Thursday 13th is what promises to be a truly interesting talk on visiting Vietnam by photographer and well-travelled Mike Tarr.  Te talk is being held at Dune Risge and as always Sarah and her team will catering a delicious spread of cakes and sandwiches with tea and coffee after the talk. Tickets are available at Kouga Print ar R150 a person with proceeds going to St Francis Animal Rescue to support their ongoing efforts in reducing the number of puppies and kittens being born in the Sea Vista township as well as improving the lives of the many pets that wander the dusty street.

Send us your news no matter what it may be and keep the community up to date on all that is happening in St Francis  – there is no charge.