Good day,

The Kromme Joint River Committee wishes to welcome all holidaymakers and visitors to the Kromme River, and we trust that you will enjoy all it has to offer.

As you are aware, the December/January holiday period is remarkably busy with the number of registered boats. The safety of everyone is our priority, particularly at this time of the year, and we, therefore, wish to appeal to all concerned to obey the relevant by-laws applicable to the use and enjoyment of the river.

The navigable channels are extremely shallow and narrow at certain points. We advise users to exercise caution, especially at a low tide, to ensure safe passage when cruising up or down the river.

We felt it necessary to again highlight the following important points:

  1. There will be three river patrol officers on duty. They will be patrolling the river, and you will be required to present your Skippers licence as well as the valid COF for the craft.
  2. The patrol officers are mandated to ensure strict adherence to all relevant by-laws in place, and where necessary, warnings and fines will be issued.
  3. Numerous new signs have been erected on the river to assist users on the river. River users must adhere to these signs, as they are in place for public safety. The messages may include “Slow Down, shallow, narrow channel” “Proceed with Caution” “No Skiing” etc.
  4. It is extremely dangerous for swimmers to swim in or cross navigable channels on the river, and we must request that this provision be strictly adhered to. Parents are to take note, and please ensure that their children understand and adhere to this regulation.
  5. When traversing the river, please ensure that your craft stays at least ten metres away from any jetty or other object on the river.
  6. Refrain from excessive speeding on the river when approaching or traversing amount other craft. The substantial number of craft cause big wakes, which may cause injury to passengers and children on your craft.
  7. Always be on the lookout for people skiing, as big wakes may obscure a skier in the water.
  8. Jet skis are to exit the canal system at the river mouth and exit immediately to the sea by turning right from the Ski Canal. Speed can only be increased after the end of no wake sign at the rock revetment.

We thank you in advance for your kind cooperation and for assisting us in ensuring the safety of all river users, and we wish you all a very merry festive season.

Happy and safe boating. Regards,
D. Hurr.