Owing to the damage and alterations caused to the coastline by the recent storms, we would like to highlight that the last 150m (+/-) of the Two Harbours Walk leading to Bruce’s and Grannies Pool are difficult under foot.
It has been agreed with St Francis Cycling Club that for now, pedestrians / runners should use the last section of the cycling path as an alternative route should you not wish to continue walking across all the rocks and large stones that have now been deposited on the footpath.
Cyclists have been made aware to treat that small section of the cycling path with caution in light of this temporary measure and would request that walkers etc do the same for the time being.
Arrangements will be made to undertake some work in re-positioning the rocks and stones from the footpath once the weather improves and the workforce has been identified.
Many thanks to the Cycling Club for their agreement and to the community for your understanding.
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