The last few months have been very busy for the Kromme Enviro-Trust, and we appreciate the excellent support we have received from the community. You can read all about it in our Kromme Enviro-Trust November Update.

St Francis Wildlife Sanctuary

The Kromme Enviro-Trust is often asked to assist when injured or displaced birds or animals are in the area. When these creatures need to be taken to a place of safety for a short period, we relocate them to our Animal Sanctuary and provide care while they are recovering or waiting to be taken for specialist support. 

We are fortunate to welcome Mandy Cromarty into our group. Mandy has taken responsibility for the short-term care of these animals, working closely with our local vet. Mandy has a lot of experience in animal rescue and wildlife rehabilitation. If anyone has any old animal cages or fencing that they would like to donate to the sanctuary, please let us know, and we will be happy to collect them. 

Kromme Enviro-Trust November Update







A recent visitor to the Wildlife Sanctuary – Found in the Kromme River in need of help

Two Harbours Walk

Along with much of the coastline, the popular Two Harbours Walk took a bit of a battering with the spring storms and high tides. Thanks to everyone who donated to our special appeal for funds to repair the damage. The repairs are ongoing, particularly at “the high point”, and last week, we brought in “some muscle” from the local football team to move some of the large rocks to recreate the pathway at the start of the walk near Grannies Pool. The footballers are from the Sport For Youth Project run by local resident, Matt Davis. In return for their hard work and effort, the project was donated R2,500 from the Kromme Enviro-Trust. We aim to have the walk in tip-top condition for our seasonal visitors. 

Grannies Pool

Regular visitors to Bruces Coffee Shop and Grannies Pool will have noticed the erosion occurring here. The Kromme Enviro-Trust is working closely with Kouga Municipality, backed by National Government funds, to rehabilitate this area. It is a popular beach, and maintaining this tourist attraction is in everyone’s interest. 

Coastal Clean Up

After some date changes due to bad weather, the Clean-up occurred on 1st October. It was a huge success, with great participation from our members and several other local groups. Particular thanks to Just Property, the Rotary crew, the kids from the Football Club, members of the Municipality team who attended, NSRI First Aid Responders, Bayview Boating, St Francis Safaris and of course, Nevermind and Bruces for the cups of coffee.

Kromme Enviro-Trust November Update

This rubbish was collected at just one of our collection points.

Offshore Drilling and Oyster Bay Dune Field Mining Opposition

Thanks to everyone who has helped us with these initiatives regarding signing petitions, gathering support or registering objections. These are long-term projects that the Kromme Enviro-Trust is following diligently so that we can submit the relevant formal objections and documentation at the appropriate time. It is a prolonged process, not terribly glamorous, with vast documentation to review and respond to. However, it is essential for our environment to keep tabs on these applications. The Trust will continue to spearhead objections where necessary. 

Eco Kids

We have wrapped up Eco Kids for 2023 and will return in 2024 with an exciting program for our younger members, 4-10 years old. The last session was held in the Community Garden at the bottom of Harbour Road. It included some exciting and educational activities involving birds. Thanks to Rotary for supporting this initiative over the year; we aim to make Eco Kids 2024 bigger and better together.

Thank you again for your ongoing support. If you want more information on these initiatives or the Kromme Enviro-Trust, please visit our website –

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