Revolutionizing work opportunities and combating unemployment


Jeffreys Bay – Kouga Municipality has committed its unwavering support for the innovative and new “PickMe” App – which is set to combat local unemployment.


Officially launched on Tuesday (18 July 2023), the app, which offers a platform for individuals, professionals, SMMEs, and businesses to generate and be visible for work and job opportunities, is set to revolutionize the way people find employment and promote their skills throughout the region.


“PickMe” serves as a skills pool for specialists, professionals, individuals, SMMEs, and businesses, offering a multitude of benefits to both job seekers and hirers.


Through the app, individuals can promote their skills and businesses nationwide, build their brands, and gain access to millions of potential hirers.


The compatibility search feature, powered by Pappese (an AI system), matches job advertisements with the skills and qualifications of “PickMe” users in real-time, ensuring optimal matches and saving time for both parties involved.


Kouga Executive Mayor, Hattingh Bornman, who was a guest speaker at the Kouga Business Forum Networking event on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, shared his vision for Kouga and addressed the business community’s pressing concerns.


He also highlighted the importance of embracing digital solutions to combat unemployment and promote economic growth.


Bornman expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of the “PickMe” App, recognizing its potential to connect millions of hirers and businesses directly with individuals in Kouga and throughout South Africa.


He stated, “The launch of the “PickMe” App represents a significant step towards reducing unemployment and empowering individuals in our community.


“By providing a safe and efficient platform to promote skills and connect job seekers with hirers, we are creating new opportunities and building wealth for our residents. This app aligns with our vision of an inclusive and prosperous Kouga, where every individual has the chance to thrive.”


More about PickMe

With “PickMe”, individuals benefit from the convenience of building an online work reputation within the PickMe community, gaining access to millions of hirers, and securing guaranteed hourly rates.


The app also offers the potential for permanent employment, as employers have direct access to users’ live profiles, creating a more dynamic and efficient hiring process. Additionally, PickMe enables users to plan their work schedules in advance, save money on travel and printing resumes, and retire with dignity by building an investment portfolio through PickMe Capital.


Furthermore, PickMe provides a valuable platform for businesses and SMMEs, offering access to millions of potential customers and quality workers, while simultaneously building an online work reputation and expanding their digital presence.


The app empowers businesses to embrace the benefits of a more digital life, opening doors to new opportunities and growth.


“As Kouga Municipality stands firmly behind the launch of the “PickMe App”, it reinforces its commitment to fostering economic development, reducing unemployment, and providing a brighter future for the residents of Kouga and South Africa as a whole,” said Bornman.