Churchill Dam overflows to the Impofu.
© Facebook / Gamtoos Irrigation Board
We have water! Still, where is it all going? We know that for the Impofu to start filling up, the Churchill Dam needs to overflow, which is now happening. The Impofu also gets water from the Diepriver, but it isn’t that much, considering how big the dam is.
Since the start of the overflow of the Kouga Dam on the eve of 29 September 2023, many have asked where the water is going to.
It has been established through the Gamtoos Irrigation Board that this water runs down the Gamtoos River and enters the sea at Gamtoos mouth.
Churchill Dam overflows

Kouga Dam overflowing © Facebook/Gamtoos Irrigation Board

No farmers or anybody along this route has any benefit from this overflow, as farmers in the region get their water from the dam directly. Water used by the farmers in the region is provided via a canal system where all are provided with an allocated amount in accordance with their licence.
According to the latest information from Gamtoos Irrigation Board, “Kouga dam 101.29%, 35 220 litres per second is flowing over the dam wall.
Stuurmanskraal 21 500 liter per second, Groot river 5 020 liters per second.”