Kids should not have to hitchhike to school

Spokesperson Pam Rollison right.

A group of concerned mothers from Sea Vista gathered at the circle at the entrance to St Francis Bay yesterday morning more as a show of concern and support for their kids than a demonstration.

Apparently the bus that normally transports the kids from Sea Vista to Humansdorp Secondary is off the road for whatever reason and there are many, none of which could be confirmed yesterday. Whatever the reason there can be no excuse for it and all those involved in what appears to be nothing more than a bureaucratic  bumbling should have made an effort to fix the problem. Possibly the Kouga Council is not ultimately responsible but It certainly was an opportunity for them to take the lead whether it is their responsibility or not and demonstrate how the DA can get things done no matter the odds. Or do voters only count if there is an election or if the voters are over 18.

Appointed spokesperson for the school mothers Pam Rollison says the biggest problem was communication between the school and the parents and in spite of Mrs  Rollison saying she had spoken to the Mayor nothing had been done since the problem began last Thursday. Speaking with Humansdorp Secondary’s school secretary, Geraldine SFT was able to get the number for a Mr Spies. Who would be able to update us with what was being done to solve the problem. As is quite normal when dealing with government, the calls went unanswered.

Most of us accept that education is the way forward for South Africa and whilst the university students are able to gain support for free education by destroying facilities, it is at grassroots where every effort to ensure education is concentrated. Not to say university graduate aren’t important but let’s first get the country, urban and rural to be master the three R’s.

Hopefully the problem has now been resolved and these kids can get back to learning the three R’s rather than how to hitchhike.