120 km Adventure Racing and two very talented ladies in concert.

Cape St Francis Resort was the place to be on Saturday with the start of the Kinetic Energy Full Moon 120 km Adventure Race setting off from Cape St Francis beach on Saturday morning in near gale force winds.  And that evening as the valiant adventure athletes fought the elements in their quest to complete the 120 kms course in the given 24 hours, the rest of us were sitting warmly in ‘The Space’ at Cape St Francis Resort in the evening waiting for what was to be one of the finest nights of entertainment yet in St Francis.

The event, “A Little Country” kicked off a little after 7:00pm on Saturday evening with what was intended to the supporting act but on a different day, could have been a show all on its own so talented is Isabella Jane May who opened the show.

Runner up in ‘SA’s Got Talent’ a few years back, 19-year old Isabella Jane won the hearts of an audience of close on 200, young and old, first with her song on the efforts St Francis Animal Rescue effort with the dogs and cats of Sea Vista followed by a brilliant ventriloquist act with her ‘friend’ Rosie that had the crowd in fits of laughter . To end her part of the show Isabella Jane showed off her talent with a song from her recent international tour as The Mistress in Evita, closing off with a superb rendition of People to a standing applause. This young lass has such talent and we aregoing to see her name  in lights in the very near future. Absolutely delightful, funny and oh so talented.

Following Isabella a short interval allowed the audience to enjoy hamburgers and chips, or hotdogs and refresh their favourite tipple before “A Little Country” .

As the band exploded into sound, a ball of energy in the form of Alexandra May erupted onto stage for what was to be ninety minutes of pure entertainment. A talented song writer as well as an outstanding singer,  Alexandra did mix a cover or two into her repertoire on the night to show just how talented she is but mostly performed her own work. Definitely the song that will be best remembered will be one she wrote inspired by Social Media titled ‘Swipe Right’ as she had the audience joining in not on with the words but the actions too. Along with a strong versatile voice, Alexandra seems to have boundless energy as dances, gyrates and jumps, never missing  note or a beat as she works the stage and the crowd.

Their talent aside, of which these sisters have oodles, it was their ability to work the audience that was so amazing. So many artists tend to play for themselves ignoring the paying audience as a necessity rather than the heart of a performance. Both Isabella in the opening act, and Alexandra in the main show, invited the audience into their performance immediately identifying themselves as people not just performers.

It would be amiss not to mention the band supporting Alexandra for they certainly played their part in making the show such a hit. To Adrian Ziller on Bass, the beautiful Kiya Mac on Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Warren Knocker on drums and Andre Snyman on Tambourine and (along Isabella Jane) on backing vocals.

The event was in support of St Francis Animal Rescue and SFAR Chair Sue Rae Fox had this to say.

“What a sensational performance! Thanks to these two super-star sisters and talented group of musicians for performing for St Francis Animal Rescue. Thanks to the Cape St Francis Resort for hosting the event so perfectly and thnk you to all of you who supported the show. We are sure you were not disappointed!”

For more photos )and some of the audience