As a result of the successful Writing competition, we have embarked on the St Francis Today Photography Competition presented by Client Care.

This contest is for locals and visitors to enter their best ‘nature or wildlife photos’ for possible consideration for the competition.

Nature and wildlife encompass many things, and it must be stressed that it includes things like surfing, running, paddling, fishing, hanging on the beach and all the activities we get up to in St Francis Bay because it is all part of nature, and we are in nature while doing it. 

The contest winner will get R1k cash, and the photo will be printed in the next issue of Wildside TIMES Magazine. If it is an excellent photograph, it could make the cover.

Last month’s issue of Wildside TIMES Magazine ran an excellent cover shot of Si Cunneen’s ‘full moon at lighthouse’, an example of nature at her best. 

By entering the contest, you allow St Francis Today and Wildside TIMES to use your image as user-generated content in their editorial work, whether online or in print. 

Please make sure that all entries are mailed to and make sure that they’re not too big (or not too small)

Around 1-2 megs is great; a little bit bigger is ok, but nothing bigger than 5 megs please. If you need more clarification, just ask.

Also, please do not dump photos with us. Each entry must be your best photo, and it must be a single entry. We will not select out of a batch of 10; that must be for you to do. 

The most important thing, however, is for you to have fun doing it. This is an ongoing project with Client Care, so don’t rush anything. Get that one epic shot. It doesn’t have to be sunrise or your morning coffee; there is much more out there to see and capture.

Good luck!

Entries to