Apologies to anyone who took offence to my article.’

Idiot’s Guide To Adventure Racing

‘published on Tuesday, particularly in the Cape St Francis Resort – as it was not meant to be offensive, but I was trying to be funny and quirky, and my wife has told me for many years that no one understands me or my sense of humour, so there you have it. Point taken, and apologies.

The article also strove to point out that there needs to be more media communication around the massively massive ARWC apart from endless Facebook sharing from various sponsors, stakeholders and partners. 

But things have been restored, and the media is flowing, so thanks to those at the Resort who responded to my needs.

Herewith is a fantastic gallery of the welcoming of the athletes at the CSF Resort.

For those of you who want to follow the Adventure Racing World Championships – all the details are right here – > ARWC <