Nadine Lahana of NRG2GO on Health & Fitness

a series of columns to keep you get you fit and healthy through the winter and ready for summer

This week from Nadine Lahana (28th June)

Nadine Lahana of NRG2GO on Health & Fitness – a series of columns to keep you get you fit and healthy through the winter and ready for summer.

Making Calories Count – Rather than Counting Calories..

Morning all…
Are you are being advised to cut back on fruit due to its high content of NATURAL sugars and replace it with factory made Vitamins?

Nutrition can be a very confusing topic when you’re unsure of the mechanical and chemical processes the body uses to react to certain foods. The value of calories (how many should you consume?)

How much do you need to exercise to make up for what you have consumed??
I suppose you’ve also heard about the depleted selenium levels and the danger that we may not be able to absorb the richness of vitamins we once were?

Nadine Lahana on Health & FitnessConfused? Don’t blame you.

I’m getting my RDA the right way with a tall glass of orange and Kiwi (that my body recognizes rather than rejects!) If you are a supplement fan, or have found yourself buying into a lifelong subscription you never meant to…you need to check the possible harmful side effects of each factory made vitamin you are taking. Then there’s the contra-indications if you’re taking other medical drugs…the possibility you are overdosing…and quite simply the taste.

Nothing beats a good old ORANGE & KIWI JUICE freshly blitzed in the bullet.

Message me for a private consultation to find out more about ‘MyDiet’ – Making Calories Count – Rather than Counting Calories…

Nadine Lahana
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DETOX - 7th June

This week from Nadine Lahana (14th June)

Nadine Lahana of NRG2GO on Health & Fitness – a series of columns to keep you get you fit and healthy through the winter and ready for summer.

Lacking motivation?

What does it really mean?

I am self motivated.NRG2GO health & Fitness
I wake (mostly unbegrudgingly) at 5:30 every morning.
Not the type to milk the stretch and prolong the inevitable, I’m in the shower by 5:32.

The rest is a sweet and sour blend of coffee beans, lost socks and hockey sticks that finally, or should I say MIRACULOUSLY, result in me staring blankly into the darkness watching the steamy windows of the school bus begin its journey.

By 6:45, powered by coffee and oats, I’ve made changes to my programs for the day, picked up the contents of my daughters floordrobe, fed husband, staff and dogs and hidden last nights empty wine glasses in the scullery.

By 7:30, I’m welcoming my first clients with the assuredness of a kangaroo on crack!
This is my time of the day.
7:30pm is a whole other story…

Being passionate about what I do certainly switches the gears to power this daily routine.

But this does not mean that I don’t have my “duvet days.”

Duvet days can happen at any time but they usually happen around certain triggers…
A spreading virus, a sleepless night, a terrorist attack, a sick child….
Duvet days allow the body to switch off and the mind to take control.

And the mind is a very powerful place to reside permanently.

It has umpteen rooms – all of which have flung their doors and drawers wide open!
If you choose to stay rather than face the day, you may find yourself sorting thoughts rather than taking action.

When a duvet day threatens to pull me in, I get up.
I make a list of all that keeps me in the present momNRG2GO Health & Fitness St Francisent or working toward a future moment.

It’s not the most exciting list you could imagine…usually starting with FIND MISSING SOCKS!
But it’s things that hold me accountable to the day.

Take small steps for big changes.
Get up.
Make a list.
Tick things off.
Deserve that duvet

Nadine Lahana
The Jump Room
Personal Training & Nutrition
Cert Nutrition & Wellness Specialist/Sports Nutrition/Personal Trainer
Telephone: 079 509 2071


DETOX - 7th June

DETOX (7th June)

Detox (Definition: To remove the effects of poison from something, such as the blood)

But why should we detox if we already have our livers and kidneys on the job?
Well to be honest, I am not a big fan of any short term solution. My feeling is that if you have a long term goal, it requires constant maintenance rather than short, shock therapies when systems are down. You know what they say about water? If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated!

So, do I believe in Detox diets?

Well let’s just say that I would first check in with your current lifestyle plan. What brought you to this purifactory conclusion in the first place?

  • Are you unable to balance work and play? Why? What can you eliminate/delegate?
  • Are you unable to minimize stress levels? Why? What have you taken on that you are physically/emotionally unable to do?
  • Are you planning proper nutrition and exercise for the week/month ahead or just taking it one day at a time in case something more “important” or “interesting” comes up?
  • Do you feel you have zero self control and can’t seem to get started?
  • Do you feel disorganized, always on the move, no time or resources for proper planning?
    If you can relate to any of the above, relax, you’re human!
  • That’s the good news. The bad news is that you are still going to have to get your lifestyle in order because no DIET or DETOX is going to solve your problems long term.
  • The NRG2GO detox was, however, designed with your future clean eating habits in mind. It is simple and it is sustainable. No you can’t drink wine. Yes you can go out with your friends and eat ‘real food.’ No you can’t eat butter but don’t worry because breads off the list anyway!

The NRG2GO detox was created to rid your body of foods that induce fatigue, bloating, depression, weight gain, skin irritations and other less than pleasant inflictions.

There are YES! foods. There are NO! foods. You follow it for two weeks. You may climb a few walls looking for an injection of caffeine. You may find yourselves sitting outside the bakery salivating for a mere waft of fermented dough. You will survive and hopefully you will come out the other side with a better understanding of mindful eating.


  • 100% fruit juice (watered down)
  • Fresh fruit (mostly berries but all are good)
  • Green salads
  • Onions
  • Beetroot (not pickled)
  • Spinach
  • Berries (frozen or fresh, no sugar added)
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Brown & wild rice
  • Fish (especially naturally oily like fresh salmon or mackerel or tuna. If tinned, only with brine)
  • Ginger root tea (good for circulation)
  • Herbal tea’s (rooibos, mint, etc)
  • 1 ½ litres water per day (can serve with slice lemon or sprig fresh mint)
  • Seeds (flax, pumpkin, sunflower,…)
  • Raw nuts (unsalted, un-roasted)
  • Lentils
  • Oats
  • Frozen veg


The NO! foods:The NO! foods:

  • Fried foods (especially deep fried)
  • Pastries (think cellulite!)
  • Dairy (cream, milk, cheese, yogurt, butter)
  • Alcohol (causes skin to dehydrate & stresses liver)
  • Caffeine (causes dark circles, anxiety)
  • Sugar (that means anything with sugar added too! Read ingredients carefully. Sugar stresses adrenal glands and pancreas, causes cellulite & makes collagen in your skin brittle so you age quickly)
  • artificial sweeteners (sorry but these are off too)
  • Processed oils
  • Crisps (saturated fat)
  • Sweets
  • Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts – usually very good for you but can cause bloating so off for 2 weeks)
  • Refined foods of any sort (white flour, white bread, pasta……)
  • Processed meat (sausages, salami, cold meats…….)
  • Red meat
  • Wheat (only a 100% rye for detox. Careful, some breads claim to be 100% rye but just don’t list the other ingredients!) If you’re not 100% sure don’t do it.
  • Additives/preservatives (such as sulphur dioxide used in dried fruit – causes bloating) this will mean mostly making foods from scratch )no tins, packets, pre-made anything…..


Here we go………..

Suggested Meals and snacks:

Drink 250ml water BEFORE each meal or snack. Fruit and veg and herbal tea’s contribute to hydration.

Ginger tea (raw slices of ginger infused in boiling water) or any herbal tea
Porridge made with oats, rice or soy milk (no sugar added), puree’d fruit to sweeten or mashed banana, sprinkle of cinnamon

Fruit smoothie (made with handful berries, ice, 100% fruit juice, sprinkle raw oats, almonds) & herbal tea or water
Fruit salad (with sunflower seeds/pumpkin seeds and squeeze orange juice) & herbal tea or water

Spinach & Pine nut salad with chick peas (made with baby spinach, pine nuts, chick peas, sesame seeds, celery, apple slices, avocado, cucumber and julienned carrots). Dress with apple juice and drizzle sesame oil, garlic & herbs. Serve with brown and wild rice or baked sweet potato.
Homemade vegetable soup (not cream or butter based). Use barley, lentils, loads of vegetables (non cruciferous). Serve with oat cakes or 100% rye bread (no butter)
Grilled chicken/tuna/turkey/salmon salad (grill with olive oil, garlic & herbs and serve on salad as above)

Fruit or handful raw nuts/seeds, raw veg, dipped into homemade hummus or homemade pesto…..or the other half of this morning’s smoothie.

Roast vegetables (butternut, baby marrow, onion, cherry tomatoes, beetroot brushed gently with olive oil, garlic and rosemary). Serve with brown rice, dusted with cumin and assorted herbs.
Grilled or barbequed Fish (lightly brushed with olive oil, lemon rind and herbs. Serve with a hearty salad.
Stir fry : Red/yellow pepper, spring onions, bok choy, spinach, green beans. Light sesame oil, garlic and herbs. Add chick peas or lentils or grilled leftover chicken from lunch. Top with sesame seeds.


This DETOX PROGRAM is an achievable one as it is not asking you to omit complete food groups and survive on vegetable water or lettuce leaves alone. It is very good preparation for your future ‘clean eating’ plan.

  • Butternut & spinachEating clean is one of the key ways to losing weight and maintaining the loss.
  • Refined foods will be permanently on the NO list! Refined foods can cause digestive ailments, allergies, fatigue and weight gain. Once you have stuck to this cleansing detox for a week or so, you will slowly begin to add dairy, wheat, meat and other vegetables into your diet.
  • Breads should contain wholegrain, or rye. Look for 100% of either of these and stick to those products that have 3-4 ingredients rather than 8-10! Try to find alternative spreads for bread such as tahini or avocado
    or seed/nut spreads. Margarine is off the list. If you must use butter, use it VERY sparingly.
  • Dairy products (such as yogurt) should be ‘natural’ , low fat and sugar free. Rather buy natural and add your own fruit.
  • Serve vegetables with herbs, lemon rind and garlic to enhance their taste and make sure you eat dark green leafy’s (like spinach) and orange (like butternut) often.
  • Red meat should be consumed no more than twice per week. It should be a lean meat (such as ostrich) and prepared in a healthy way (grilled, barbequed, lightly stir fried).
  • Deep fried foods should be PERMANENTLY off your list.
  • Introduce a ‘treat day’ once a week. It will help your body to run less efficiently so it’s forced to work harder (in other words, it will give your metabolism a jolt when ‘foreign foods’ are digested). Make sure it is no more than once though.
  • Let this detox help you to do a CLEAN UP. Not just your body but your cupboards too! If there are chocolate digestives within reach, they will be reached! Change your treats and ensure that at all times, your fruit bowl is filled with fruit and your treat cupboard filled with raw nuts/seeds, dried fruits, low sodium pretzels, popcorn kernels.
  • Remember, willpower is a very large part of this program. Try to remember a time when you used your willpower and achieved a personal goal (giving up smoking, studying, ….) If you did it then, you can do it again!
  • It takes 3 weeks to break a habit. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose but some weight!
  • Eat little and eat often. Eat a variety of foods .Find balance in your daily life as well as on your plate. If you are too busy doing things for everybody else and do not make time for yourself, you will not be able to take charge of your health.
  • Think about your daily consumption of fats, carbs and proteins and try to keep them balanced. It is not necessary to weigh and measure constantly if you are prepared and eat a balanced diet with lots of variety. High protein/low carb diets will cause an excess of protein in the body. Your body will take only what it needs to repair muscle tissue, etc and the remaining will just serve to overtax your liver and possibly cause toxic ketones! Choose low fat products, eat fibre rich foods, eat protein from plant sources where you can and consume good complex carbohydrates.

And exercise. Food is energy and energy needs an outlet!


Your lifestyle is like your fingerprint. It is unique. It should therefore be designed according to your own specific wants and needs.

Good luck!
Nadine Lahana

Cert Nutrition & Wellness Specialist/Sports Nutrition/Personal Trainer

Good luck!
Nadine Lahana

Cert Nutrition & Wellness Specialist/Sports Nutrition/Personal Trainer
Telephone: 079 509 2071