St Francis Bay Property Owners LogoDespite the freezing weather St Francis Home Owners turned out en-masse for the “Saving St Francis” Presentation at St Francis Links last evening. Arriving in the parking area well before time to the car park was almost full and entering the conference room it became obvious that most were there for the meeting and not for the delicious Eisbein on offer by the Links on their Monday Night Dining Menu. A rough head count indicated an audience of at least 150 people possibly more as there was nary a chair vacant with some having to remain on their feet for the duration of the meeting. A bigger turnout than the initial presentation in January that had the benefit of a large contingent of home owners visiting their holiday homes.

To cover all that was discussed and illustrated in the meeting would take pages so it is suffice to say that all this information will be made available on Home Owners association website shortly. What was heartening was the depth of detail that Chairman Wayne Furphy and his team have put together. There is no doubt that the committee comprising Furphy, Chris Grey,  Greg Miller, Paul Pizzaro, Gert Vorster and Peter Mountford along with Simon Picton-Turbervill and Norman Dyer from the Riparian HOA and Joint River Committee respectively, are knocking on some important doors and turning over all the rocks to create a solution for the ailing state of the greater St Francis region.

The one message that came across in what was a really well put together presentation that covered most aspects of all that needs to be done, is that it will require  the co-operation and buy-in of as many, if not every St Francis property owner to achieve what has to be done to ensure StFrancis continues to attract investment both as a prime holiday destination and as a sought after region in which to buy property.

A similar presentation was held in Johannesburg last week to a similar sized audience and was extremely well received with positive input from St Francis property owners living in Gauteng. This evening the ‘roadshow’ will move to Port Elizabeth so we recommend PE readers to make sure you get to the Old Grey Club by six this evening. It really is worth hearing what Wayne, Chris and Greg have to say