Data collectors start gathering info for new General Valuation Roll

The official municipal valuers will be collecting preparatory data in Kouga towns for new General Valuation Roll from 24 May to mid-June 2017.

Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen said the data collection would lay the groundwork for the compilation of the new General Valuation Roll for the period 2018 to 2023.

“There will be two data collectors taking photographs of properties. They might also have to enter some houses,” she said. “We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, however, these preparations are important if we are to compile a credible valuation roll.”

Valuators for General Valuators Roll

The two valuators will be wearing identity tags in the interest of security

She said DDP Valuers had been awarded the tender to compile the new roll. The data collectors are Tjaart Venter and Bernardt de Klerk.

“They will be wearing identity tags in the interest of security,” the Mayor said. “However, if someone knocks on your door and you are not certain if it really is them, we ask that you call our Valuations Department at 042 200 8543 or 042 200 2157 so as to verify their identities before allowing them access to your premises.”

She said the draft valuation roll would be table to Council by the end of January 2018. Property owners will then be informed of the new valuation of their property and will have the opportunity to object should they believe the valuation is incorrect.

The new valuations will determine how much property owners pay for rates from July 2018. Properties will be valued according to their market value as at 1July 2017.

A series of public meetings will also be held in June to introduce the valuers and valuation process to property owners.

The public meetings will start at 18:30 and have been scheduled as follows:

  • On Monday, 12 June, the first meeting will be held at the Newton Hall in Jeffreys Bay.
  • The second meeting will be held at the Katrien Felix Hall at Thornhill on Tuesday, 13 June.
  • On Wednesday, 14 June, a meeting will be held at the Humansdorp Country Club.
  • The fourth and final meeting will take place on Thursday, 15 June, at the St Francis Links Clubhouse

Further information about the valuation process is available from the municipality’s Valuations Department. Contact Marinda van der Merwe on 042 200 2157 or; Regardt van Vuuren on 042 200 2157 or or Wendy Jonkers on 042 200 8543 or

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