Stricter restrictions on the cards for Kouga as a whole

As water usage at Hankey and Patensie remain dangerously high, Kouga Municipality has renewed its call on residents to cut back on consumption drastically.

Meanwhile, the Kouga region as a whole might soon face even stricter water restrictions following the announcement by Nelson Mandela Bay that they will be putting additional measures in place to curb water usage. The combined levels of the supply dams dropped to 18,85% this week. Kouga makes use of the same supply dams as the Metro.

“Our most immediate concern, however, is Hankey and Patensie as these towns are wholly reliant on the Kouga Dam for water. The level of the Kouga Dam is a scary 7,2% this week, with no good rain expected in the catchment area in the foreseeable future,” Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks said.

According to the latest figures supplied by the Gamtoos Irrigation Board, Patensie used up its entire quota for July during the first two weeks of the month, but there was a decrease in water usage during the third week.

“We would like to thank residents for increasing their efforts to save water. Each one of us can make a difference,” the Mayor said.

A total of 30 4022 kl of water was used by Patensie households and business from 1 to 21 July. The monthly target is 23 044 kl. The usage decreased from almost 14 600 kl in the first week and 8 662kl in the second week to 7140kl in the third week.

In Hankey the situation remains dire, with water usage increasing alarmingly during the third week, from 17 040kl in the first week and 15 793kl in the second week to 17 759kl in the third week.

The total usage was 50 583 kl. This is already more than double the maximum allotted amount of 24 833kl for the whole month.

“We would like to plead with residents to cut back their water usage drastically as an extreme matter of urgency.”

He said the municipality would have to consider rationing water to the towns if consumption was not decreased so as to ensure that the remaining water lasts for as long as is possible.

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