Thank you to our residents and visitors alike for treating our reserves with respect and generally obeying the rules. For the first time since I have been involved with FOSTER, we had no incidents and no vandalism during the festive season.

FOSTER Update January 2024

The reserves were certainly well used, no doubt in part due to the inclement weather over the season. Tthe persistent easterlies making our reserves a great place to be and still enjoy the outdoors. It was most pleasant to get and hear about so many compliments about the state of the reserves and our trails and paths. The fact that we managed to repair so much of the storm damage before the season was regularly commented upon. This is of course due to our generous donors, sponsors and core membership. They enable FOSTER to pay the reserve management team to keep the reserves in the pristine state that they are in.

Membership Fees

The committee took the decision late last year to increase the annual family membership to R350 and the single membership to R250. This after many years with no increase. Still less than what the average family would pay for breakfast at one of our local eateries. Please renew your 2024 membership or become a member. Do not wait for a prompt from FOSTER. Details are available on our website

The Shipwreck Display open house on the 20th of December was well attended at the Anchor Garden and Dave Bowmer, Craig Briggs and others were able to tell some fascinating stories. A highlight was a visit by Helene Masson and her husband Chris who is the daughter of Irma Booysen, who shared some fascinating insights into her mother’s life.

We had a few good animal sightings via our camera traps in the recent weeks as well, including one of a bushbuck being chased by a dog. Whilst we understand that dogs love their walks in the reserves, please either control them or have them on leashes.

The Reserve Management team have already been hard at work and are currently busy in the Seal Point Reserve completing the last of the repair work to damaged trails including the stairs at Sunset Rocks and ongoing maintenance work including the upper cycle trail.

Elke M Update

FOSTER as the custodian of the CAPE St Francis Nature Reserve which includes Shark Point where the fishing Trawler the ELKE M ran aground on the 6th of January, have been very involved and included in operations committee dealing with the salvage and cleanup operation of the wreck site. I can only say that the team headed by SAMSA, are incredibly professional and know exactly what they are doing. Our community owes them a debt of gratitude for averting what could have been an environmental disaster on our doorstep.

Operations are at times hampered by weather and sea conditions but over 24 700 litres of fuel and pollutants as well as all the loose fishing crates, nets etc. that could pose a threat to bird and marine life or cause pollution have been removed, either by helicopter or the vessels assisting in the operation.

FOSTER Update January 2024

The helicopter operations are complete and until the next steps are finalised around the wreck removal the support vessels will monitor the ELKE M for any pollution or loose flotsam and act accordingly. The expected worsening weather conditions will prevent any further operations being undertaken in the next few days. Spillages clean up equipment remains on the Meisi which is on standby and further equipment is stored and available for immediate use in the port.

FOSTER has several priorities and projects for 2024 and we will continue to report on these including the finalisation of the proclamation of the greater IRMA Booysen Nature Reserve.