FOSTER JOL at Cape St Francis Resort

Cape St Francis Resort really pulled out all the stops on Saturday night when they hosted the FOSTER ‘JOL’ in the Joe Fish Restaurant and Bar. The crowd of over 150 souls rocked the night away to some great music, first by local group Grosvenor Road Band and later, when the night really got ‘a Rockin’, to Port Elizabeth group, The Brothers. With tickets just R100 a head which included a Potjie supper it was a steal for an evening’s entertainment amongst friends and neighbours and for a great cause.

With some of the resort staff away competing in the Meislespoort run / walk it was left to the remaining staff to run three simultaneous functions at different venues in the resort on Saturday evening and as always, they coped without the slightest glitch. Not one for standing in queues for food I was prepared to give the potjie supper a miss but the tantalising smell was for too enticing and thankfully so efficient was the serving that the queue moved along rapidly.

The purpose of the evening was apparently to celebrate FOSTER’s 25th anniversary but one would imagine, also an opportunity to raise funds. Certainly the FOSTER JOL was well supported but chatting with some of the committee during the evening it was a little concerning to hear how poorly FOSTER is supported in terms of membership by the greater St Francis community. Considering the importance of conserving the nature reserves that surround St Francis, and the value of these reserves for their tourism, one would have expected a far greater support.

Membership is apparently only R150 a year but a visit to the FOSTER WEBSITE does not seem indicate this on either the membership form or elsewhere on the website. Possibly by adding this information they could attract a few new members as the website has some rather interesting information and certainly gives one a better understanding of FOSTER and all the great work they do.

One only needs to look back at the huge role FOSTER members played in the January fires and the work they have done subsequent to that disaster in clearing fire breaks to realise how important their contribution to our community their is.

Some of those who enjoyed the FOSTER JOL

FOSTER JOL at Cape ST Francis Resort