My wife and I have lived in St Francis Bay for nearly three years, three wonderful years! We feel more like locals now and have settled into our new life in this beautiful village. The transition has taken time, as any big change in life does. 

I believe this experience has helped me understand more clearly the challenge a couple go through when entering that new phase of life we call retirement. After all, that is all it is (albeit huge): a transition to a new life. I recently read a book that deals with this in an easy way to understand. Consider getting it (or pop in and borrow mine).

                                    St Francis Bay Retirees

The final phase of this transition process is building a new life. Here are 4 things you can consider to help kickstart your new year and life.

1. Explore a new hobby.

Try something you have never done before. Whether painting, gardening, photography, or even learning a musical instrument, engaging in a new activity can bring joy and fulfilment to their retirement years.


2. Stay physically active. 

There is so much to do in St Francis Bay! From yoga or Pilates to hiking the wild side, cycling the trails or district roads, and taking up Padel or golf. We are spoilt for choice. These activities will keep you in shape and increase your social circle.

                              St Francis Bay Retirees

 3. Volunteer and give back. 

There are many community initiatives to get involved in. Some work with animals, and others with children. Retirees can commit to volunteering a certain number of hours each month for a cause they are passionate about. It’s a great way to stay connected, make a positive impact, and find purpose in retirement.                                               

4. Plan a memorable trip. 

Having something exciting to look forward to is always healthy. This area has so much to explore, from the Baviaans to Western Cape coastal towns. Plan a road trip around a part of our beautiful country that you have never visited. The Kgalagadi is a place many have never visited and will blow your mind, whether you camp or chalet.



This is meant to be an article around financial planning, but remember that living the life you choose, not money, brings fulfilment and true happiness. To do this, you must plan your life and finances. This is where we can help.

                                          St Francis Bay Retirees 

Make 2024 a year to remember!

Dirk Groeneveld, Certified Financial Plannert. 

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