Five Species Anglers Expect To Encounter During The Species Spectacular Fishing Tournament presented by Buco.

 Port Alfred River and Ski Boat Club
29th – 31st March

Thanks to its warm, reef-rich waters off Port Alfred, it offers various species that can be targeted from a ski boat. Read on for a look at five species anglers expect to encounter during the Easter Weekend.


Named for its distinctive yellowish lower jaw (in Afrikaans), it boasts a sleek, silver body with occasional hints of blue or green. Its dorsal fin has a series of spines. At the same time, the deeply forked tail contributes to its aerodynamic appearance and makes it a strong fighter. They frequent nearshore waters (often when the swell is up), making them easily accessible to both land-based and boat anglers.

Regarding feeding habits, Geelbek primarily consumes smaller fish, crustaceans, and squid, enticing anglers to use bait such as sardines, squid, or artificial lures to attract this captivating species.


The Dusky Kob (Argyrosomus japonicus) is at the top of

every offshore fisherman’s list. This sought-after fish species is highly valued for their fighting abilities and the impressive size they can grow.

Stocks of this iconic species are under pressure, so bag and size limits will be strictly enforced, and for those being released, we recommend the best fish-handling practices.

Yellowfin and skipjack tuna

These are usually targeted about eight miles offshore. These fish are famous for their speed and strength, making them an exhilarating challenge and a sought-after catch.

They’re usually caught while trolling. If the bait fish migration up the coast starts early, the chances of finding tuna during the comp are high.


Often targeted spinning with artificial lures around the ‘cray traps,’ these colourful and agile fish are great fun to catch. Renowned for its strength and impressive aerial

displays, Dorado provides an exhilarating experience that any passionate angler will appreciate.


Arguably, it is South Africa’s most iconic pelagic species fish. The yellowtail is a dirty fighter found in big schools or small packs. Known for their nature and powerful runs,

yellowtail offers an exciting, albeit often frustrating (if you know about their ‘lockjaw’ habits, then you know) target.

Five Species Anglers Expect

Reef Fish

In addition, anglers can target bottom fish such as gagaraad, roman, Scotsman, and santer. Port Alfred

offers an experience for fishing enthusiasts with its untapped potential for offshore game fishing. From the marlin to the fast yellowfin tuna, the agile Dorado, and the strong yellowtail, each species adds to the diverse range of fishing adventures awaiting those who explore these waters.

By Jazz Kuschke