The annual fire prohibition period announced in Kouga by executive mayor Hattingh Bornman for the region started on Wednesday, November 1, and would continue until Wednesday, February 28, 2024.

“Summer, with its high temperatures and strong winds, is when there is the highest risk in our region of runaway fires destroying properties and lives,” he said. “Add to this the prevailing drought conditions.

As part of Kouga Municipality’s efforts to keep Kouga safe, no controlled burns will be allowed during this period, while residents are urged to be extra careful when it comes to setting anything alight – be it candles or braais.

He said bonfires and any activity that required walking around with open flames were strongly discouraged.

“This includes walking around with candles and lanterns, as well as burning tyres or discharging fireworks or other flammable paraphernalia,” said Bornman.

“Open fires are also not allowed in public areas unless they are at designated braai stands.”

Burning will be allowed under the following strict conditions:

  • The Chief Fire Officers or the Fire Prevention Officer of the Local Municipality must approve all burning operations according to their respective burning permit systems.
  • Landowners must apply a minimum of seven (7) days before burning for pre-approval.
  • Final approval for burning must be obtained on the day of the burn.
  • All bordering landowners must be informed of burning operations in terms of the National Veld and Forest Fire Act (Act 101 of 1998) (NVFFA).
  • The National Veld Forest Fire Act (NVFFA) places a duty on all landowners to have all precautions in place to prevent a fire from spreading or causing damage.

According to Bornman, any person contravening this notice may be liable and face prosecution under the Fire Brigade Services Act 99 of 1987, National Veld and Forest Fire Act 101 of 1998, or any other applicable legislation.

Transgressions, including the illegal trade or discharge of fireworks, should be reported to the Kouga Call Centre at 042 200 2200 (option 5) or 042 291 0250 (after hours).

For any fire emergency, contact the all-hours number 042 291 0250.


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