Most people reading this will know a bit about St Francis’ history. Still, we wanted to share more interesting facts about our area, especially related to property and the different regions of our one-of-a-kind village.

St Francis is divided into three areas:

The Bay: The village area where you can find the beautiful white-walled homes and originally thatched roofs. Now one can choose a shingle, tile or even IBR roof sheeting.

The Port: Bring in the Tuscan-style homes with earthy-toned walls and exquisite north. Facing sea views. And don’t forget the Port!

The Cape: The small village with the Lighthouse, always popular with surfers and beach lovers

The name St Francis was given to this stretch of coastline by a Portuguese sailor in 1575 to honour the Patron Saint of Sailors (St Francis)

The Canals, probably the most memorable area of our village, was the vision of Leighton Hulett. In 1954, he bought a large piece of land which he wanted to develop into a marina and a man-made canal system. This would ultimately open into the Kromme River, which would ensure a gorgeous fresh seawater system which would flow between the houses he visualised being built. 


These days St Francis is known for much more, with the St Francis Bay Canals becoming one of the most coveted residential and holiday destinations in South Africa and the World. The property market in St Francis in the last few years has boomed, and the demand for a property on the Canals with Canal access is at an all-time high. There are roughly 500 built properties on the Canals which cannot expand due to the geographical location. This gives the Canals an elite status when it comes to real estate.

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