Rugby SA vs Australia at Joe Fish Cape St FrancisDSTV really did us proud this past weekend and for once it seemed almost worthwhile paying the exorbitant fees they charge so we can watch three or four sports channels. Certainly there are other channels but they all seem to show movies, series and comedy shows that have been re-broadcast so often it is a wonder the soundtracks have not worn out. Well at least the sport was live and what a sporting weekend it was with the highlight undoubtedly the Ryder Cup.

To kick off the TV weekend we had the Protea’s beating the Aussies in the first ODI at the same time as the first games of the Ryder Cup got underway. Following the cricket, the final rounds of the rugby Currie Cup saw the Sharks lose to the Lions and out of the competition with Western Province barely scraping through against Boland.

But it was the ‘Boks win against the Aussies on Saturday that would have gladdened every South African rugby follower’s heart to say nothing of improving the profits of SAB, or is that now Anheuser Busch. That it required the old stalwart Morne Steyn to see us through to a win doesn’t leave too much hope for a win against the AB’s on Saturday and if the Boks give away 70% possession and territory as they did to the Aussies, the score will not be a pretty one for South Africa. But hey, Japan beat South Africa in the World Cup so who knows??

Rugby at St Francis LinksSunday saw the Protea’s again show the Aussies how to play ODI’s. But the Aussies at last saw some success when Red Bull Grand Prix driver Aussie Daniel Riciardo won the Malaysian Grand Prix. But it was the Ryder Cup that saw many of us contributing to Eskom’s coffers late into Sunday night. The Ryder Cup truly is one of the great sporting events and whilst it attracts a huge television viewership, it is more the on course spectators standing at times 30 or 40 deep around the greens and fairways that is truly astounding. Roll on the Presidents Cup 2017 to be played at Liberty National in New Jersey next September to see if ‘the rest’ can do what Europe couldn’t.

Well it is the All Blacks on Saturday so be sure to gather at your favourite venue, St Francis Links, Joe Fish at Cape St Francis Resort or Rock Lily in Cape St Francis to watch the game.