Man drowns at The Cove

NSRI STATION 21 - St Francis BaySt Francis NSRI Duty Crew were alerted to a drowning in progress at the Cove on the St Francis Bay Canals on Saturday afternoon and immediately dispatched rescue swimmers to the scene. Two  private boats that were in the vicinity also assisted but the man had disappeared under water having been swept away from the cove by a strong rip current. An extensive search was put into action including a sweeping line search conducted by the NSRI rescue swimmers. It took some two hours to finally locate the body of the man who was recovered from the water by the NSRI rescue swimmers and brought ashore where the body was handed to the SA Police Forensic Pathology services. An inquest docket has been opened by the police who are also assisting the family of the man believed to be a local resident in his mid-30’s.