A few years ago, 46kg of cocaine washed up at Supertubes in JBay, with an estimated street value of R20 million. Remember that? It was just before Christmas, and someone would be in big trouble for not picking up their delivery.

Then the story went that a couple more of these bags of coke were floating around and that police helicopters had identified another 15 or so of them floating around between JBay and Plett.

It triggered a frenzy of sorts, and people were driving around the beaches of JBay, paradise and St Francis Bay with tinted windows and mirror shades, looking quite out of place at these beaches.

Then someone studied the ocean currents and swirls, previous and forecast swell directions. X marked the spot, The Tande, at Shark Point. That would be the next wash-up point.

So, a new crew of well-dressed gentlemen decided that the Shark Point walk would be a lovely start to the day. They would walk with binoculars and gaze out to see, looking at dolphins and fishing boats, no doubt. 

Yet there was no sign of any more bricks of gak washing up on any of the beaches, and things slowly returned to normal, or did they?

A few days later, the second pod was discovered at the far end of Oyster Bay. It was smaller than the first stash, about half the size and half the value, but the discovery was played down quite a bit. Less press coverage. No clues. Not much mention from SAPS. 

Yet there was a strong rumour that the bag, when discovered, had already been plundered. Some people have apparently often murmured around dinner tables and at braais that there was tampering and a brick or two of compressed cocaine had allegedly been removed. 

No one knows if the rumour is true, if it was plundered, if it was just a small-town story to make gossip, or if there is actually a perpetually smiling beach-goer who never has to work again and who still has loads of all-night parties.

It’s just a silly story to make some drama, but it is a great one either way. And it does raise the question: what would you do if you discovered such a bag on the beach?


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