Golf Course to allow dog walking under strict conditions

Here is correspondence between St Francis Bay Golf Club Captain Willie Uys and past St Francis Bay Residents Association chairman, Nigel Aitken who has been negotiating with the golf club on the matter of walking dogs on the old golf course.

Willie has kindly relented on the clubs decision to ban dog walking and the club has agreed to allow dog walkers to walk their dogs on the 12th and 13th holes only but on condition that the dogs are kept on leashes, no exceptions

Here is a synopsis of Willie’s note to Nigel

  • Before the Golf Club purchased the ground from the Municipality the area was demarcated as Public Open Space;
  • We entered into negotiations and acquired the ground for the purpose of expanding the golf course to 18 holes;
  • Before this happened all the adjoining home-owners were contacted and no objections were received;
  • The ground was transferred to the Golf Club with only one proviso and that is that we are not allowed to alienate any part of it and that it shall only be used for the purpose of a golf course;
  • There is NO mention that the public can continue to make use of it after the purchase and the fact that the Club has over the years allowed people to make use of the grounds to walk or to walk their dogs, was out of a sense of doing something for the community.

As mentioned before, this privilege has been abused by some of the users on a regular basis and this has led to the Club making the decision of no longer allowing people to walk their dogs. Your comment regarding people not wanting their dogs on leashes is noted but it is exactly the fact that the dogs are running free and chasing birds and leaving their “Visiting Cards” in places where the owners do not see or are unwilling to remove this, that has prompted the decision by the Club.

As mentioned before, the ball is in the court of the owners of the dogs but if they do not want to make use of the offer, the Club fully understands. We will however act much more strictly in future and trust that the people will also understand our position on this matter.


Amd whilst on the subject of dog walking don’t forget to bring your dogs to St Francis Links on Easter Monay (26th March)at 07:30 for the Open Your Eyes – Sterilize WALKIES Dog Walk / Run.

Wlakies at St Francis Links with the Open Your Eyes - Steriliize fund raiser