Theo Madatt

 KOUGA – In the heart of Kouga Municipality, where the hum of electricity and the pulse of mechanical infrastructure is at the forefront, a new chapter unfolds.

The appointment of Theo Madatt as the Director of Electro and Mechanical Services heralds not just a change in leadership, but a promise of innovation and progress in vital domains crucial to the municipality’s functioning – promising an exciting era of innovation and progress in vital domains of electricity provision, mechanical infrastructure maintenance, and fleet management.

As the spotlights shifts towards Madatt, the stage is set for a journey towards a brighter more sustainable future.

Into the limelight

With a rich background in electro and mechanical services, Madatt brings extensive expertise to his role. Having worked in specialised departments in Nelson Mandela Metro and honed his skills in diverse operational environments, he is well-prepared to navigate the challenges of ensuring continuous service delivery in Kouga.

Having previously acted as the Director of Infrastructure and Engineering, he gained invaluable experience in managing diverse operational portfolios, preparing him to lead the Electro and Mechanical Services department effectively.

Vision and strategy

Madatt’s vision is clear: to elevate service delivery to new heights amidst the formidable challenges of load shedding and environmental imperatives.

Central to his mission is the assurance of reliable electricity access for every household, coupled with the modernisation of infrastructure to meet future demands.

Plans are afoot to bolster the department through investments in essential infrastructure skills, upgraded facilities, and the integration of smart technologies for seamless operations.

The department’s inaugural solar plant project marks a significant milestone, with plans for further technological advancements and revenue-generating projects in the pipeline – to be implemented at an affordable scale over a period of one year.

He envisions a future where the department operates at world-class standards, contributing significantly to the municipality’s financial viability.

Navigating challenges, charting success

Yet, the road is not without hurdles.

Financial constraints, staff motivation, and infrastructure revitalisation loom large.

But Madatt remains undaunted, envisioning revenue-generating projects as means to address these challenges while demonstrating the department’s potential to enhance municipal revenue.

The approval of an EIA for a 20MW solar plant, which will be implemented at an affordable scale, stands testament to their commitment to environmental stewardship, while exploration into small-scale solar and hybrid renewable energy projects reflects dedication to energy-saving initiatives.

Personal life

Amidst his professional commitments, Madatt finds solace and joy in family life and community engagement.

Married with two sons, he enjoys activities such as studying, golfing, and fishing with his children, alongside contributing to community organisations.

A brighter tomorrow

As Madatt strides into his role, he brings with him not just a wealth of experience, but a burning passion to serve communities and elevate essential services.

Through his leadership, Kouga Municipality is poised to embrace innovation, sustainability, and progress like never before. As the sun sets on the old ways, a new dawn emerges, promising a brighter future for residents and stakeholders alike.

With Madatt at the helm, the stage is set for Kouga to shine brighter than ever before.