Darkfest Update: Here We Go

Get ready for an epic weekend at the Hellsend Dirt Compound, nestled in the scenic Vuurberg Farm, with Saturday the 10th marked as the day of action. The weather forecast is picture-perfect – expect gentle breezes and clear skies, creating an ideal setting for the thrilling event.

While one might wish for more, like snagging tickets for a front-row seat, unfortunately, they’re all sold out. But don’t worry; you can stay in the loop by following the event on social media. The Darkfest Instagram account and Sam Reynold’s YouTube channel are your go-to sources for the latest updates.

Cape Town rider Theo Erlangsen, the lone South African in the main event, shared his excitement about the course. “The course is looking amazing. I was there for the whole build, getting used to riding some big stuff again,” he said. Erlangsen had the chance to test it before the international riders arrived, highlighting a new 90-foot lip he got to try.

Theo Erlangsen © Eric Palmer

The entire success of Darkfest hinges on favourable weather conditions, including wind and rain. Fortunately, as mentioned, the outlook for Saturday is promising. Erlangsen mentioned, “We had a bit of wind up to now, but there have been some guys doing top-to-bottom runs and some good vibes going.” He also expressed confidence in his pre-event runs, gradually building up to showcase tricks and wild stunts when it truly counts.

Curious to see the South African legend in action? Check out Theo Erlangsen’s full track ride on his YouTube channel, with his ride kicking in at the 6:12 mark. Darkfest 2024 is an adrenaline-pumping spectacle that is going to blow minds again!


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