Elza for Mayor!

They said they would and they did! At last the DA has wrested the Kouga Municipality from the clutches of the ANC and the happiness, joy and a new enthusiasm was tangible in all one met yesterday. And not only in the village or down at the Cape. Driving through the back streets of Sea Vista on the way to fetch a litter of puppies to take to the St Francis Animal Rescue Thursday Clinic, the wide smiles and thumbs up of many, some proudly wearing their blue DA tee shirts, was infectious.

Flying the DA FlagSome lovely stories surface at such celebratory times. DA Voting Captains Tony Moore and Nigel Aitken standing in the cold, rain and wind for much of the prevous day, encouraged the town to celebrate the DA’s success by flying the flag at St Francis Bay Golf Course. Francis Becker was quick to point out that even Nomvula’s Knitting had a bit part in proceedings with Hele Zilla featured in a You Tube video wearing a Mohair jersey made by Nomvula’s Knitting. No doubt more than a few glasses of sparkling wine were clinked at restaurants and homes throughout Kouga last evening.

As much as we must congratulate the DA, St Francis residents and indeed all those in the Kouga district who voted for and contributed to the DA’s finances to allow them to fund this successful campaign, must give themselves a pat on the back. If one casts one’s mind back to the DA Kouga Golf Day where over R700,000 was raised, it shows how committed many in the Kouga community were to winning these elections and how determined we were to put the municipality in the hands of those who will make it a better place to live.

The Blue Coast

DA LogoCertainly change will not be immediate and so we will need to be patient as Mayor Elect reverses the legacy left by the previous council, but there can be no doubt we will soon start to see little changes that will uplift all those who live in this beautiful part of South Africa. Those from KZN looking to live in a DA controlled environment will no longer only have to look at the Western Cape. With DA looking pretty much certain to lead Nelson Mandela Bay, albeit under a coalition, the Eastern Cape now becomes a really attractive alternative.

With both Tshwane and Johannesburg both looking pretty much 50/50, we will apparently have final results closer to midday today, the DA could, under coalition, soon be running four of the five major Metros.

Whilst so wonderful to see the DA doing so well in the polls, one of the lesser parties, the IFP in Zululand, must also be congratulated for rubbing salt in the wounds by winning Nkandla with an over 50% majority.

“Nkandla, Nkandla, Nkandla. heh, heh, heh.