In a concerted effort to ensure positive results in ensuring community safety, Kouga Municipality has successfully partnered with Kouga Law Enforcement, Kouga Health & Safety Department, and the South African Police Service (SAPS). This was to address a recent case of possible food poisoning in Jeffreys Bay.

There was a report that a child fell ill after consuming goods purchased from a local spaza shop. The collaborative operation occurred on October 27. It demonstrated the municipality’s dedication to enforcing municipal bylaws and maintaining a secure environment for its residents.

Positive results in ensuring community safety.

The three-phase operation began with Spaza Shop Compliance inspections in Tokyo Sexwale, Ocean View and Pellsrus, wherein there were multiple compliance violations. As a result, a total compliance summons amounting to R14 400 was issued to address issues. There was insufficient shop ventilation, expired foods, and sleeping in the shop. Also,  animals on the premises selling food, and the absence of a Certificate of Acceptability (COA).

Remarkable Turnaround

The municipality has witnessed remarkable turnarounds and dedicated efforts by several spaza shop owners to become compliant. So, this turnaround results in a safer shopping experience for the community. It also instils a sense of pride and accomplishment for the shop owner.

Phase two of the operation focused on visiting illegal taverns. This led to one arrest for selling liquor without a licence and confiscating a substantial amount. Therefore, this action conveys that the municipality’s goals include protecting the community.

The final phase of the operation involved a joint combat stop and search in the evening, which proved to be highly successful. During this phase, there was the confiscation of dagga and dangerous weapons that were handed over to the SAPS. Thus further ensuring the community’s safety.

Our partnership with SAPS and the collaborative efforts of our dedicated teams are pivotal in enforcing the law and maintaining a secure environment for our residents. We remain resolute in our mission to protect and serve our community.

The municipality continues to work diligently to create a safer and healthier environment for its residents.”