Check your vote has been recorded

To ensure no votes go astray, St Francis Property Owners have put up a useful page on their website where you can check your vote and make sure your vote has been received and registered.

St Francis today has received comments on why the Voting Box is not a locked and secure box. To answer this ….

All votes are recorded as they come in and are then verified to ensure they are

  • There are no duplicates
  • They forms have been signed by the property owner or the designated signatory in case of a trust
  • That the vote corresponds with the correct ERF
  • That the vote has not been altered (ie a spoilt vote).
  • In the event that there is a spoilt vote or ERF or other information is incorrect the voter will be contacted to ensure all information on the form is correct
  • A list of all votes received are published on the Sf Francis Property Owners website where voters can visit and endure their vote has in fact been received.

Once the voting count reaches above 50% plus ONE point, either FOR or AGAINST, all votes will again be verified, this time by an independent auditor before the final outcome is announced.

So get your vote in TODAY!

If you have already voted you can check to see if your vote has been recorded at the following URL.

The Voter registration page is updated every evening.