SA Rugby decided to change the Bok November Internationals itinerary.

Boks vs Whales

It appears from the photo of the sign (above) posted at Rock Lily,  the Boks have sensibly rearranged their match programme and instead of playing the fire breathing dragons of Wales they will now be taking on, very appropriate for St Francis, a team made up of Whales on Saturday. The Whales have agreed to play on land on condition it can be on the beach as feel they have some experience of beach conditions and it would have an unfair advantage if they had chosen home ground advantage and played at sea.  The Bok coach has apparently stated that it gives him a chance to at last bring his backline into play although De Allenda feels he can still bash his way through the whale’s defense. Willem Alberts it seems is injured so the coach has said he will allow the flyhalf to receive the ball when the Boks are in the opposition twenty two rather than have his forwards playing pivot as they do in their games against normal rugby international teams. According to the notice board  tickets are only R80 so obviously the game is to be played on the expansive sands of Cape St Francis beach.

SARU has also apparently left their options for the Boks next game open and will only decide on their opposition after the whales game. Should they win, their next game will be against the Ostriches for like the Boks, they are unlikely to remember their game plan even if they have one. Apologies Ostriches but being bird brained it really is unlikely you guys will be able to remember the game plan. The coach has indicated if they play the ostriches he will have to revert to the kicking game for the ostriches are renowned for their kicking. To this end he is considering calling up Naas as the kicking coach as well as recalling accomplished kickers Frans and Morne Steyn.

Should the Boks loose to the whales their next game will most likely be the Dodo’s which should give the Boks a great end to their tour with at least one win. That said it will still not be an easy game as they will still need to catch the ball to score.

But fun aside, Rock Lily has a marvelous offering pre-game with a tribute to Bob Dylan tonight. Hope to see you there. Maybe wear your ‘Bok or whales jersey to show who your money is on to win.

Sorry Mike, one doesn’t often get a chance for a bit of fun!

Tribute to Bob Dylan at Rock Lily, Cape St Francis